Extra Credit Question

Extra Credit Question Fabian Geyrhalter and Chris Do talked a lot about the concept of “brand.” They suggested that, while you are a student you need to represent yourself as a brand. Your brand. What do they mean by this? And do you agree or disagree with this and why? Please post your response to … Continue reading

Midterm Comps

Project: Re-design Norah Jones Website DESKTOP Home Page & Landing Page (990px width) REVISED TABLET Home Page & Landing Page (768px width)                                                   MOBILE Home Page & Landing Page (320px width) … Continue reading

Assignment 6

Norah Jones’s Website : http://www.norahjones.com 1. Who is your target audience? Her fans all over the world. Men & Woman between the ages of 18 and 70. Jazz/Soul music lover. House wife. 2. What are the business goals and objectives of the client? To promote her album To promote her concerts & tours Making great … Continue reading

Assignment 2

1. What does the native app offer that the mobile web doesn’t? Yelp Display the most common information that most users needs like; – Read / Write reviews – Check-in – Add Photo – Bigger Navigation – List of hot business nearby. Zillow More straight forward, user friendly. It displays all the icons that are … Continue reading

Assignment 1

1. What mobile websites do you visit regularly? Facebook, Google, Yahoo, SMC, Everything About Web. And why? Just for fun and looking for information. 2. What mobile apps do you use? Explain how and where you use these apps. Amazon Chase Yelp Open Table Skype Whatsapp Gmail Pinterest I used them on my smart phone. … Continue reading